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    Anderson – It’s time to take your chance 

    Anderson - time to take your chance

    Today, The Faithful welcomes Nathon Woodhead from Red Flag Flying High. You can follow the site @RFFH and Nathon @nathonw on twitter.

    They say love is blind. Never has there been a truer word spoken when it comes to football fans.

    Just look at the examples from the past 12 months, with the backing of Luis Suarez and John Terry by nobody but their own supporters.  All logic goes out of the window when you are defending your own player from criticism – especially that which has been directed from opposition or that journalist who seems to always be digging at your club.

    A defensive football fan can be compared to Eastenders’ very own Peggy Mitchell. Peggy was ‘that mum’ who would protect her boys Phil and Grant, no matter what they did. Theft? Adultery? Murder? “Nope, not my boys,” Peggy would say.

    With the above in mind, it baffles me how such a talented individual as Anderson can receive as much criticism as he does, on such a regular basis, from his own fans. Signed from Porto in July 2007 for a fee reported to be £20m, Anderson joined United with expectation on his shoulders. (More …)

    • Nigerian 22:32 on August 1, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I behemently beg to disaree! A CM who can pass only with one foot – and six years at United. This farcial experiment has gone wild, please stop it!

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    A Real Week In Football – Arsenal Outrage, Liverpool Shipbuilding And Scarfman Feeds Tevez 

    Three weeks in and what have we learned?

    Arsenal fans are outraged and rightly so. The club allowed the contract of their star player, Dobbin Van Horsie (aka Judas Iscariot), to run down in an unthinkable repeat of the Sandra Nasri situation of the previous summer.  Fear not Gooners for Professor Yaffle had already purchased the replacements and one of them is a sharpshooter. Step forward Oliver Giro. 3 games and 2 clear open goals missed he might just hold the same goal threat as a latter-day Emile Heskey or, dare I say it…Kevin Davies?

    And what of our chums down the East Lancs Road?

    2011-12 was a horror season for them with the Furniture Whisperer leading a badly thought out reprisal of the Third Reich and spending money as unrealistically as had ever been witnessed in football. This week a story came out claiming that Steve Bruce, upon hearing that Liverpool were interested in Henderson, suggested to his chairman that they might get as much as £4m for him. The furniture whisperer is long gone and has been replaced by the former Chelsea Fluffer Bending Rodgers, a real sharp cookie. His first idea was to try to buy Swansea but he hadn’t quite got enough money so instead he bought Joe Allen, but to remain true to recent transfer policy he paid 3 times what the player was worth. (More …)

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    MUFC Away Days – Southampton Get The Famous ‘United Late Show’! 

    Firstly, to any readers of these articles, visitors to the site or those who lurk in silence, please accept my apologies that I didn’t bother with an account of the trip to Goodison for United’s first game of the season.  Sky’s insistence to ruin what was always a great opportunity for a day out in Liverpool by moving the game to a Monday night meant there was not a great deal to say following a quick dash home from work and to the game.

    And the less said about the game and result the better to be honest!

    So now on to Southampton away.  A lengthy trip for a Sunday 4pm kick off meant options for travel were restricted by both duration and cost.  We decided to take a coach down, run by Champion Sports Travel, because we’d used them before and the cost was reasonable…it was easily the best option.  We set off from the meeting point around the corner from Old Trafford just before 8am on Sunday morning, I don’t think there’s anything else other than United that could get me up so early on a Sunday!  Four hours later and we were pulling up for our stop for the day. Rather than heading into Southampton we were dropped in Winchester.  Just imagine the scene if you will, a picturesque old English town on a Sunday afternoon with shoppers milling around going quietly about their business when two coach full of lads (and a handful of women) pile off and into the nearest pubs.  It was quite a sight.  A few hours were spent around the town enjoying a few beers and watching the first half of the Liverpool vs Arsenal game before it was back onto the coaches and towards Southampton…and the game.

    We got down to St Mary’s shortly before kick off and made our way into the ground.  The United end was in good voice as the teams made their way onto the pitch.  (More …)

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    Reasons to be excited because Manchester United are back! 

    Reasons to be excited because Manchester United are back

    Before I start, I realise how can I list all the wonderful things about Manchester United being back in just a few points on a blog. Well I can write an opus but would anyone take the time to read it? Exactly. I like most of you I’m sure, are not just excited about Manchester United being back but also the football season. Manchester United is the all consuming part of my life but football itself is a big passion of mine also.

    Some of these reasons might not be totally Manchester United related but it’s my list and I can do what I want!

    The Premier League is back tomorrow!

    First and foremost the season starts tomorrow, our campaign starts against Everton at Goodison Park on Monday night. Hard to believe that we’ve waited so long for the new season isn’t it? Some of us impatiently… (More …)

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    Van Persie! Welcome To MUFC – Exclusive Artwork Of Our New Player 


    This is a great piece by Ben Holden from our new born sister site The Midfield General

    Ben will being doing more fantastic illustrations for TF and also the MFG in the coming months. We will also be setting up a shop to sell posters of Ben’s fantastic artwork, giving you the opportunity to own a small slice of his very clever brain!

    Welcome to the biggest club in the world RvP!


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    • goonermichael 13:57 on August 17, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      so he’s not an Arsenal rapist anymore?

    • Rite$h 15:39 on August 17, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      superb… someone should put it up in town ;)

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    The Cult Of Kagawa! Why Van Persie Just Wont Happen… 

    Saturday the twenty-first of July. Two Thousand And Twelve. The day a certain Shinji Kagawa (or the Japanese lad if you’re dear old Paddy Crerand) started his first game for MUFC.

    And an impressive debut it was. Kagawa floated in and out of the space in front of the defence, like a boxer who fights on the outside. Excellent footwork. Mobile. Glides rather than runs. United have lacked a player like this since forever. Yes Scholes would run from deep to the box in his younger days. Giggs has played this role off the striker before. And then there’s Rooney. We know Wazza loves to drop deep, but this affects that core position at the top of the team. It crowds the midfield, and invariably the ball goes wide to the wingers. Opposition teams have worked this all out.

    What Kagawa brings is an elusive central element. A player the opposition will find very hard to track. He wont be as basic as Rooney, who simply runs backwards to try to get things going forwards. Even with this first cameo edition of Kagawa in South Africa that we witnessed today, you can see what the intent will be from him. This is all very promising. It points towards a move away from 4-4-2, to a more interchangeable 4-2-3-1, and in terms of taking on the very best in England and abroad, this formation is more progressive.

    But the name on everyones lips at the moment surprisingly isnt Kagawa. In fact, he doesn’t even play for us.

    As fans got caught up in the whole Eden Hazard trash transfer, they are now turning their energy to Robin Van Persie… (More …)

    • Aron 00:15 on July 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Totally agree that the potential of this one individual can turn the club around, however, im pretty sure that his debut was the 21st of July 2012.

    • william 00:17 on July 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Rock of Gibralter = The Glazers. Fact.

    • sam 07:53 on July 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      great article….

    • wambam 08:03 on July 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Nicely written article, but you are missing something that maybe an Arsenal fan can shed some light on.

      Van Persie wasn’t a centre forward until he had to be. He’s got way more to him than that. He’s the most skillful player we’ve had at Arsenal since Bergkamp. The fact that he is intelligent enough to switch from centre forward, to right of a front 3, or sit behind a striker like Rooney would give Sir Alex so much flexibility in his formation for european nights.

      Where is RVP’s best position? in the hole, but with the intelligence of movement that would drag defenders out the way for Rooney or Kagawa to exploit. It is for this reason I hope that nobody meets our £30million valuation.

    • Jules 08:15 on July 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Blue Robots?! city play much more attractive football than you lot! You play the most formulaic, boring football in the top four! Diagonal balls aplenty!

    • Ighoverio kingsley oroh. 09:36 on July 22, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Rvp will be a good addition to Man U given his knack 4 scoring goals.I his combination with Rooney and kagawa frm d rear,i believe dey will be unstoppable by any epl defenders.I still want d manager to look into d midfield dept and add one or two signing there.I also believe dat,a left bck to make Evra seat up wont be a bad idea.kagawa was simply classic yesterday.I believe in him,we have gotten d new messi in epl.

    • Nestor 09:00 on July 23, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Rob, I hear you (excellent read if I may say) Shinji is destined for greatness at united, he gives Sir Alex options that he never had before and the possibilities are mouthwatering! However in regards to the possibility of signing RVP everything you have mentioned makes absolute sense however I see a different angle.. I see Goals. many goals. I see a constant attacking threat (besides wazza) that Sir alex can turn to when in need because lets face it, besides Rooney who else has scored +15 goals a season consistently? I for one hope to see RVP at united come next season. thanks again for your your interesting article.

    • kyle 23:44 on August 19, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      well you got that RVP one wrong, and i think you should give up a kiko, he hasn’t done anything since those two girls. One of which was a fluke. He’s done too little out on loan to be in contention at utd. Diouf has done more

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    The Little Pea Diaries – The Van Persie United Fairytales 

    Little Pea is a twenty something, no-nonsense female from the North-West. She is a Red. This is her diary…about football and everything else…

    Entry 2: 20:17 on 19th July 2012

    Pre Season seems to breed utter madness!

    Perhaps its made worse by social media sites like Twitter? But there is something about it that makes people who normally talk sense turn into babbling IDIOTS

    It feels like the atmosphere before a huge thunderstorm. Everyone gets more and more wound up and then they collide over the slightest disagreement…because of the most silly of reasons.


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    The Gambler! What Do The Bookies Think About MUFC? 

    ‘The Gambler’ is a brand new TF feature, reviewing the odds for the new Premier League season ahead. TF editor Rob B reviews what chances the bookies think MUFC have against the rest of the pack, and who will win this years Golden Boot’

    Oh Sergio Aguero.

    It still runs through my head. How close we came to title twenty. You could be the greatest gambler in the whole wide world, and there is no way you could have put money on…and predicted how that title run in…how that last five minutes of the season…would go.

    Since the advent of Twitter and the chit-chat about betting odds that happens on the platform, ive keenly kept my eyes on a number of sports betting sites …trying to spot a bargain price or three to share with fellow tweeters. Normally I keep my money well away from United. The odds never really add up. The value is always elsewhere.

    But that’s about to change…

    United and City were separated by a last minute winner last year, but the bookies see a much bigger gulf. Currently City are the favs. No shock there. They sit at around 5/4 and this is probably about right. United however are a massive (well not massive) 9/4…over double your money profit? On Manchester United to win the league? Wow! This probably also reflects the lack of early money on United. The blue half of Manchester will already have piled their pennies on their team after their dream season (the one where they won the league three times and nearly handed it back into United’s laps on every occasion)

    Chelsea also look like some early value. At 9/2 with the addition of Eden Hazard and no doubt a cast of many new faces, a tenner on them will net you a near on fifty quid profit. Currently Arsenal lie at twelves, and both Tottenham and Liverpool are oddly tied on twenty-fives…like LFC are anywhere near as good as Spurs! Scousers must be betting with their hearts again…twenty years of securing those early odds for nothing!

    The top goalscorer odds are also interesting for the speculative punter. A swift £5 bet can go a long way. Aguero, Rooney and Van Persie are all tied at eights. Obviously, this is an impossible market to predict with much skill, but you can bet that any of those three will be there, or there abouts. What about some outsiders? Tevez is currently 14/1…not bad value at all, as long as he doesn’t fancy some golf. Or maybe scuttling off to Italy. Or chasing new money in Brazil. My outside tips are Darren Bent and Andy Carroll. Both a tasty 25/1. Villa and Liverpool could both have stinkers (again) but these two could still get their goals, if they hit form and avoid injury. Jermaine Defoe is a huge 40/1…for a player who used to be a goal machine. One player I am looking forward to see this season is West Ham’s Vaz Te. He is at 125/1…probably about right. No thanks.

    Me? I will be stacking my chips on Sergio Aguero. I wonder if United’s goal distribution will be spread more evenly from Rooney, to Kagawa, Chico and Welbeck (Welbs is at 25/1 to be top scorer in the PL) Also, Van Persie….? Who knows where he will be? Not Arsenal I suspect. United look great value at those odds quoted above. I wonder if there will be even more of a drift if City unveil a stellar signing? (cough cough Van Persie cough) So it may be worth holding off just a few more Olympic Game sized weeks to squeeze an even better price out of the bookies.

    We want our trophy back. Dont bet against United just yet.

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