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  • ChiefWaffler 14:56 on January 13, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    The Curious Cases of Paul Pogba and Ravel Morrison 

    Gibson has already gone... is Pogba next?

    Social networks have many plusses and an equal amount of negatives, none of which I will go in to here in much detail. Personally I use Twitter as a forum to discuss many things, none more than United, with people from all over the world. But one thing is abundantly clear from using this forum, and that is the majority of ‘fans’ on there act like hormone-ravaged schoolgirls at a Justin Beiber concert when it comes to Paul Pogba and Ravel Morrison. Recent news of moves away for the two talented youngsters has sent the fan-boys and girls into melt down. The level of hysteria shown by the masses of United related tweeters have surpassed the feelings shown when Ronaldo left, when Rooney threw his wage-related paddy or when Scholes retired. The statements I have read have filled me with a plethora of emotions ranging from disgusted to embarrassed, annoyed to just down-right confused. I read calls for Fergie losing the plot because we aren’t doing enough to secure their signatures. I witnessed tweets where people have actually abused Morrison and his girlfriend because he is rumoured to be moving to Newcastle. What the hell is going on people? (More …)

    • Wayne gresty 15:20 on January 13, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      It so true this just reading some peoples timelines is madness how they go on too these young kids, there going to try it on all the time!

    • eltricolor2014 15:22 on January 13, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      We already have our graduate from the academy which may be at the same level with Becks, Scholes, Butt and the like and that’s Tom Cleverly (really hope to see him back in Feb.). No need to worry if Pogba or Morrison would leave cept they’d be fools if they think they can go to a better club.

    • Daniel Tuck 15:23 on January 13, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Great post, too true. Idiot fans who dont know much about their own club.In Sir Alex we trust.

    • Dime 15:40 on January 13, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Nice post, i must say. This panic is exaggerated.
      But, you can not deny that we invested a lot in these 2 guys already, they are one of the best youngsters on the island and losing them would mean that we are doing something wrong in our scholar policy.

      I can see that clubs getting those players for nothing would mean that we are a feeder club. The lack of loyalty that these players show (or the media show) is their problem and it’s unacceptable. But, onthe other side, we are living in a different context then the young Giggsy era, so we must adaprt on the market and show that we are competitive financially to keep our best players.


    • Brookesy 15:45 on January 13, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      Pique probably worth about 30 million now and Rossi at Villareal is probably worth about the same. No brilliant bit of business letting those go on the cheap. I agree Fergie is a great manager but I have to question some of his decisions at times. Manchester United will always be bigger than one invidual and that includes Pogba, Morrison and SAF!!!!! Roy Keane made a few good points a week or 2 ago after our dreadful showing in Basel!

    • MUFC689908 16:07 on January 18, 2012 Permalink | Reply

      It would be a real shame to see these two lads go, especially Pogba. I’ve been a season ticket holder for three years, and have watched the reserves for around 4, including Pogba debut. I think that it is true that we cannot get held to ransom, but I do feel to lose BOTH Pogba and Morrison would be a real disaster and show a decline in the clubs ambitions. Although I agree (if the stories are true), I would have to say I would rather see Ravel leave as opposed to Pogba, as Pogba seems more interested in playing football (shame about his agent), whereas Morrison seems to have a few screws loose. With the departure of Darron Gibson too, it has be be pointed out the wage bill has dropped, and surely this is enough to sign either Pogba or Morrison?
      I think it would be a real disaster to lose either of them and see them go on to great success, and after all the praise SAF has been giving Pogba, I really do hope he does not let it happen.

  • ChiefWaffler 10:00 on August 31, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Hargreaves to City – Unforgivable 

    This article is written in response to Rob B‘s article, Hargreaves to City – Has Fergie Dropped A Huge One?

    When I first heard the news that Owen Hargreaves was having a medical at Manchester City, I assumed I’d mis-heard what the presenter on Sky Sports News had said. Obviously, I hadn’t. It took me a couple of minutes for it all to sink in, but straight away I had a peek on Twitter to have a look at the outrage by my timeline full of disgruntled reds. I was honestly shocked to see that there were more than a few people who were wishing him good look at reviving his career. I loved Owen Hargreaves as much as your next United fan, but surely a move to the blues total negates all feelings of well-wishing? (More …)

    • BlueMoon 10:19 on August 31, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Unlucky you RAG scum bags. Pay per play contract, win-win situation for city. If he does get anywhere near fit enough he is better than the majority of your shameful excuse for midfielders (Carrick, Fletcher & that Brazilian who is really over weight.

      • Stretty Dave 13:06 on August 31, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Typical blue dick

        • Helfo 15:54 on September 4, 2011 Permalink

          Rag? What the hell is a rag?

          Typical bitter bertie. Still whingeing in our shadow.

    • wiuru 10:40 on August 31, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      All your points are taken and accepted . However we released him even though he tells us he offered to play a year for free . This to restart his England path ? We said no because SAF wants to bring through our youth . OH now has the right to ply his trade where ever he is wanted . Citeh as hard as that is to take for us ! I cant help but feel up at the unity stadium they are pulling a propaganda coup .We have to take it on the chin ,and not become the new bitters .
      By the way we have Michael Owen under similar circumstances .

      • Carson 17:54 on August 31, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        @wiuru – I’m with you 100%. As much as I’ll hate to see him in blue (assuming he gets in a game), we forfeited the right to bitch when we turned down his offer to play for free. Which, imo, was a classy move on his part.
        This is just The Bitters fucking with us. Let’s not rise to the bait.
        Focus, Reds, focus!

    • spoon 10:49 on August 31, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      wiuru has it spot on. To be bitter about it is pointless and self-destructive. OH offered to play for us for free for the year just to stay at United. SAF didn’t want him, who are we to demand he doesn’t join this or that club?

      Personally, I wish him all the best and I hope to see him return to the level he was at before his horrific injuries. I would prefer it if he didn’t play for City, but I understand his position.

      I think far too much weight is put on the decisions of players when moving from x or y club. Campbell from Spurs to Arsenal as another good example. The players move to the clubs that offer them the best terms and the best chance of success for their careers. It’s only us fans that get heated about rivalries. Unless the player in question is a Gary Neville or Jamie Carragher, I can’t see them putting much thought into choosing a supposed bitter rival.

      • Rob B 18:12 on August 31, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        I agree with what Spoon says..but I don’t wish him the best. He’s a Blue now, so he gets treated like a Blue. I totally understand why he’s joined them from a professional standpoint…and it was United that gave him a choice to make. I have no idea why fans don’t understand this. It’s modern football. It’s business. He owes United nothing the day we terminated his employment

    • Stretty Dave 12:17 on August 31, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Just read that following failed attempts to lure Christian Ronaldo & Wayne Rooney but having offered bigger money for any United targets the pending acquisition of Owen Hargreaves added to Carlos Tevez has thrilled Brian Kidd who believes that although Mark Hughes was unfairly sacked they are actually starting to look like United. The Mansours are allegedly drawing up plans to introduce a new red, white & black home kit & reports coming out of the Etished suggest that a £1.75 billion bid for Old Trafford is also in their sights. They have top lawyers tasked to find a way of getting round copyright laws in order to change their name to United. They also have a contract offer drawn up of £300 million per week + bonus’s ready & waiting for Sir Alex.

      Their only stumbling blocks at present appear to be how they can find a way of buying an additional 50,000 season ticket holders, 350 million world-wide fans & a history.

      A number of somewhat confused citeh fans interviewed in Edgeley seemed to welcome the latest stage of the “project”.

    • museluver 14:04 on September 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      I suppose you have to say good luck because otherwise Owen Hargreaves will have to commit suicide for the stupid move he’s made as he’ll never live it down if he gets injured!

  • ChiefWaffler 14:30 on August 28, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Manchester United v Arsenal – Live Blog 

    After our fantastic result on Monday night against Spurs, our old foe Arsenal are next up at Old Trafford for Sir Alex Ferguson’s men. Arsenal come into the game with an injury and suspension problem. But every United fan knows that you never take the wily old Frenchmen and his Gooners lightly.

    We will again be running a live blog throughout the match with comments from our writers and readers on the game. The blog will be kicking off at around 3.30pm with team news and pre-match chat. There are a number of ways you can join in the live blog:

    1. Click on the link below to enter the live blog site and main feed. The console will allow you to post comments and join in the chat.
    2. If you are on Twitter, include the hashtag #TFLive with your tweet and it will appear on the Live Blog feed
    3. The Live Blog console is compatible with all major Smartphones and iPad, so if you are streaming the match on your PC you can still join in with the Live Blog.

    We look forward to seeing you there, and cheering on The Champions with The Faithful.

    To enter the Live Blog console Click Here.

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    Manchester United v Tottenham Hotspur – Live Blog 

    United return to Monday Night Football for our first home game of the season, with Spurs being the visiting team and kicking off their league campaign. Kick Off is 8pm and it is live on Sky Sports. (More …)

  • ChiefWaffler 09:00 on August 19, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    5 Questions That Need To Be Answered At United This Season 

    Can Fergie overcome his Barcelona nightmare?

    Do I think Fergie has come up short against Barcelona? Yes I do. I think everyone was expecting the final last May to be a closer affair than the one in Rome. But in truth, we saw the same battering as we did last time around. What do I think Fergie, or United, could do to alter the result? (More …)

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    West Brom v Manchester United: Live Blog 

    Fletcher v West Brom

    Welcome to the opening game of the 2011/12 season and the start of a new feature for The Faithful MUFC. We will be hosting a live blog throughout the game and we would love for you to come along and give us your opinion on the game, the line-up, the summer signings, in fact anything to do with United.

    The event will go live at 3.15pm on Sunday 14th August, just in time to bring you team news and to start the build up to the game. All you need to do is to click on the link below which will open the live blog console.

    Click Here for the West Brom v United live blog

    We look forward to chatting to you and hopefully celebrating a good three points!

  • ChiefWaffler 20:00 on August 13, 2011 Permalink | Reply

    Introducing our new, match-day feature: Live Blog 

    Well the new season is under way and it’s already looking like its going to be a good one. We here at The Faithful will be bringing you a new, match-day feature this season, starting with tomorrow’s game away at West Brom. We will be running a live blog throughout the game which is open to any fans looking at sharing an opinion with us about the game, the team or absolutely anything to do with United. Twitter has given United fans around the world the chance to speak to each other, and that point is always true leading up to, and during, match-days. But Twitter can also be an infuriating place during this time, as there is no structure to the discussions and you can miss tweets very easily. The live blog will give you a platform with more structure and less hussle-bussle than struggling with a Twitter feed.

    The Live blog will start roughly 30-45 minutes before kick-off on match days, bringing you the build up to the game. This will include team news, polls, videos and much more. We will be continuing the talk throughout the game, with our writers giving you their opinion on how they think the game is going, and conversing with fans joining us for the live blog. The live blog will run until about 30 minutes after the game has finished, giving the writers and fans a chance to get their point across about how they felt the game went, player performance and Man of the Match rating.

    Mostly though, the live blog will be about you, The Faithful’s readers, and your chance to share your views with other fans around the world and with The Faithful writers. We hope that you will pop and join us during the first live blog of the season, tomorrow afternoon, at about 3.15pm. Go on, give us a go. You know you want to…

  • ChiefWaffler 10:30 on June 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    Fergie’s gift to the next United manager 

    If you turn on Sky Sports News between 7pm and 10pm you will see that they have thawed out Jim White from his cryogenic hibernation. This can only mean that silly season (otherwise know as the transfer window) is almost upon us. Whilst Jim uses his incredible talent of turning even the most insane of transfer rumour into a momentous news story, clubs are beavering away behind the scenes to improve their squads for next season. From a United point of view, this means that in the space of three months we will be linked with almost every footballer to lace on boots last season. Occasionally one of these rumours becomes reality (and I stress the occasionally), but more than likely Fergie springs a fast one on us all.

    The summer of 2010 saw Fergie splash cash out on Chris Smalling, who was barely out of non league football, and Javier Hernandez, who at that point only Mexicans had heard of. Both players were young, but we needed established talent didn’t we? Where are the Mesut Ozil’s or the Wesley Sneijder’s? Where were the Karim Benzema’s or the Joe Cole’s? Fergie’s lost it! You don’t win anything with kids (I thank you Alan Hansen!)! If you know a group of United fans, I’m 100% positive you heard at least one of these shouts. But that wasn’t all, Fergie then shocked the footballing world by paying £7m for the littlest hobo a.k.a Bebe. Outrageous! Laughing Stock! Stitched up! (More …)

    • john 10:50 on June 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      You’re wrong gramatically mate, an ‘ ‘s ‘ isn’t pural you fool

      • MadManc78 12:32 on June 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks for pointing out my failings with regards to grasping the English Language John. I’ll be sure to keep that in mind for future posts.

    • CP 11:00 on June 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Like the plan he had for Barcelona 2 weeks ago?

      • MadManc78 12:33 on June 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        I can only assume you aren’t a United fan CP. Thanks for reading anyway

    • stevenirl 13:33 on June 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      great blog you’re right about Ferguson’s new fieldlings

    • RedScot 16:43 on June 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Great read and fact as ever from this fantastic ‘United’ forum.The article of a few weeks ago discussing Manchester United’s youths and the comparison with other Premiership clubs like the sea change taking place at Liverpool, to rethink the financial investment in the fooball academy at Melwood.It makes total sense in the madness that has blown the sensible transfer fee structure out of the window since the Ronaldo fee was negotiated.Overnight there was a new ball park figure for alledged top players as witnessed at the Santiago Bernabeu for the signing of many a fans dream team player.What exactly has he achieved their?Zero in my opinion yet ranked in the top three of the worlds most costly players.
      Sir Alex Ferguson took 7 years , with much grief and pain in between, to win his first English Premiership title with Manchester United and a mere 12 years to deliver the clubs second European cup.Rome, Moscow, Barcelona, London twice, are not built in a day,I dont care who the gaffer is.
      In Sir Alex Ferguson I trust, if he says the current youth team are the best since the team of Beckham, Butt, Scholes,G.Neville, P,Neville and the effervescent Ryan Giggs, who are we to question the best most decorated of ever British Premiership managers.
      Its a jig saw, United need only one or two fine adjustments,which will happen this summer to be able again to challenge on all fronts next season, with a huge amount of luck be able to take the club to its 2Oth Barclays premiership title and 4th Champions league final in 5 years.
      Yes lose faith in what the manager plans, lose what it means to be United.

    • RedScot 16:47 on June 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      The top player at Madrid i was refereing to is KaKa, bye the way before anyone snaps at me thinking I refered to Ronaldo. lol

  • ChiefWaffler 10:30 on June 4, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    MUFC Season Review 2010/11 by MadManc78 

    Well, what an emotional rollercoaster we have been through for the past nine months. It seems an age ago we started the season, dreaming of regaining the league from Chelski and claiming the fabled number 19. That dream seemed to fade away as we performed like a Sunday league team away from Old Trafford. We had our best player, our remaining talisman, tell us he wanted to leave back in October. I remember feeling like I’d lost faith in football that week, and feeling like this season was slipping away from us. Rooney remained, and United plodded along. Slowly but surely things started to slip into place. Our home form was immaculate, our away form improved slowly and eventually a formidable partnership formed between Rooney and our ‘little pea’. We had our highs, we had our lows, we had our nail bitters and we had our celebrations. As our rivals seemingly disintegrated before our eyes, we secured the magical 19th title and stuck a massive finger up to our friends in Merseyside. Although we were handed another footballing lesson by possibly the greatest club team the modern game has seen, it still didn’t seem quite as bad as it did in 2009. In a season in which we had been written off by practically everyone in football from the media to our own fans, we still managed to win the league by 9 points, secure an FA Cup semi-final and a third Champions League final in four years. Not too shabby by any means. With all this in mind its good to finally take a breathe and have a look back at the best moments. (More …)

    • Jay2 11:56 on June 4, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Berba’s overhead put us 2-0 up against yhe dippers.. Do your research before inviting us to read!

    • Jay2 11:59 on June 4, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Berba’s goal put us 2-0 up against the
      Dippers do your research!

      • MadManc78 17:24 on June 4, 2011 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks for the comment Jay and let me apologise for spoiling your reading experience with such a glaring mistake. I have changed the post to rectify this in a bid to appease any other readers.

        Unfortunately when you get to my age the memory starts to fade. I hope you won’t hold this against me and will continue to read The Faithful.

    • manutdot 12:27 on June 4, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Good summary Peter, I would have to agree on the Rooney goal, but let’s face it, who could argue?! My favourite moment, the one that really sticks out in my mind, is Park Ji-Sung’s late goal at Old Trafford against Wolves. I can’t remember celebrating a goal in that mental fashion for a while, it was so dramatic and for me sums up the spirit and never-say-die attitude of Man Utd.

  • ChiefWaffler 14:27 on May 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply
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    United’s European Hangover 

    Yesterday’s result at The Emirates has left a bad taste in my mouth. Not because of the manner of the defeat, in which United were outplayed for vast amounts of the game. Not because what was seemingly becoming a stroll to the historic 19th title, has suddenly become a straight-out fight between ourselves and Chelsea. Not even because it give the celebrity Gooners on Twitter something to bang on about despite their teams dire end to the season. It left a bad taste in my mouth because it was yet another stale, washed-out display away from Old Trafford after a European away game.

    Away from home this season has been a very strange experience for United fans as the team has failed to perform to our usual high standards week in, week out. Our record so far this season is an unimpressive won 5, drawn 9 and lost 4. Blackpool, who currently lie in 17th have won the same amount of games away from home this season. Compare this to last season were we won 11 away from home and in the 2008/09 season we won 12 on the way to our 18th title. But there is one thing that is consistent over the these seasons and that is that United struggle to play away from home after an away tie in the Champions League.

    Travelling to an away game on the continent midweek, followed by an away game in the league is never going to be an easy task. So you may think that I am being unjust and unfair against United, but sadly this is not the case. In the past five seasons, United has a worse record in matches of this type than both Chelsea and Arsenal. Since the 2006/07 season, United have played 15 away games after a Euro away, winning 7, losing 6 and drawing 2. That’s a win percentage of 47% and an average of 1.5 pts per game. If you compare this to Chelsea (50% win and 1.8 pts per game) and Arsenal (56% and 1.9 pts per game), you can see that we tend to struggle a bit more than our rivals in these games.

    Despite this, in the five seasons I looked back at, United have of course won three league titles and got to two Champions League finals, winning one of them. So these results clearly haven’t effected us when all is said and done as we have clearly picked up points in other areas in which our rivals haven’t.  And the one thing that has saved us this season is our amazing home form. Played 17, won 16, drawn 1. Old Trafford is once again becoming a fortress, so with two of our remaining three games in the League being at home it still bodes well for us.

    So whilst yesterday’s result still stings, still represents a chance lost to wrap this league up, it’s not all doom and gloom. This type of result isn’t something out of the ordinary. It doesn’t represent United bottling it when it really matters and it doesn’t represent some kind of tactical deficiency by Fergie. It is simply a case of a Euro hangover, coupled with playing an Arsenal team who really have no pressure on them at all now they are out of the running for the league. United will regroup, and we will give Chelsea a hell of a game at Old Trafford next Sunday. This title is most certainly still in our hands and Fergie will have the lads ready.

    • Rob B 17:14 on May 2, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      It’s become a bit of a joke. As soon as MUFC play a Euro away game, we falter in the league. This surely can’t be down to fitness in this day and age..and a plane trip from the continent is the same if not less the team coach on the road from London. Whatever the problem is its one the manager hasnt been able to solve.

      I believe its a reflection in the weaknesses of our midfield in general. Able to shine one week, only to falter once rotation happens. In many ways this isn’t a title winning midfield, but if were lucky we will get away with it. And even if we do, the manager must strengthen in that area by hook or by crook

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