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  • Rob B 11:37 on November 7, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Piers Morgan & Arsenal – A Tale Of Warning To MUFC Fans… 


    Twitter is a wonderful medium, when it is not being polluted by trolls and the unintelligible.

    It is a platform where everyone can have their say. The man in the street can converse with the stars of track and field, with no divide or red carpet for VIPs. It is a revolution in terms of media, and allows us to gauge public opinion on a subject matter, quicker than a tabloid can print a front page, and ram it down your throat.

    Since the appointment of David Moyes many of my articles have had a touch of the dour about them. Not in terms of the manager or the team, but in terms of how the fans have reacted to the challenges that now face us in these post SAF years. These challenges and hurdles have only just materialised, so the way we deal with them now will say a lot about how we deal with them in the future. Many have said I am ‘attacking’ the United fanbase – but this is not the truth. Well, not the whole truth… (More …)

    • Harry Barracuda 11:53 on November 7, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      It’s OK, most Arsenal fans think Piers Morgan is fucking knob jockey as well.

    • Laden 11:59 on November 7, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I’m a Gooner. Top article. This is spot on. Well written

    • Laden 12:08 on November 7, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      @Harry Barracuda, all arsenal fans!

    • Rich 12:14 on November 7, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Arsenal fan here, superb article you’ve written there. Agree with every word (apart from the final sentence!)

      The only blight on the good times so far this season has been the thought of Piers Morgan and those like him enjoying it. Worse, I’ve seen him and those same others claiming the improved performances and signing of Ozil proves they were right all along- that the booing and criticism forced Wenger’s hand/ made Ramsey become better,etc. Or that they were right before -wanting Wenger out, Ramsay sold- and are right now to support them because they are doing better (not understanding that neither would be at the club if their views had held sway)
      All that keeps me from combusting is the thought that deep inside they know the hit their credibility has taken and -the dream- know that they truly are w***ers

      (Ha, maybe we’re all coming here from the Arsenal NewsNow page)

      • Rob B 12:25 on November 7, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        I think you are spot on. Had Arsenal had taken Morgan’s lead, Wenger would be out, and Ramsey would have been released. And now Morgan and co want credit? What muppets. Ive nothing against criticising a team or club, but when it is bile, it is pointless, and has nothing to do with ‘supporting’ a team

    • Wade 12:49 on November 7, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Top, top article.

      I am a South African Manchester United supporter… and find myself defending our performances and players AGAINST other united supporters…. its crazy.

      I’ve even stood up for Wenger, saying united should sign Wenger to replace Fergie seeing Arsenal don’t want him. (that was before we knew Fergie was retiring and the hashtag WengerOut was flying high)

      Lets face it, we could lose any player as long as Fergie was in charge and we knew we’d be ok. Now we read too much negative stuff in the media and don’t know how to deal with it because in truth we don’t know if Moyes will be successful …. we just don’t know…..and the fear of not knowing is separating the glory hunting fans from the supporters.

      One thing I am sure of….we always end an Arsenal run of wins.

      Looking forward to a cracking game.

    • kaosbola mu murah 11:47 on November 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Interesting article. What can i say bout that guy? Piers Morgan …. :D

  • Rob B 14:12 on October 20, 2013 Permalink | Reply

    The Moyes Timebomb – Which Type Of Supporter Are You? 

    Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Manchester United v Southampton - Old Trafford

    It is such a simple question, but in football terms it might be the most profound.

    Yesterday we witnessed another poor result in this brand new era, which doesn’t include ‘Fergie time’… or the all out attacking football that fans still believe we play, which to be frank is like tactical mythology in 2013.

    As supporters, there are always a conundrum of things we can point to that we don’t like as a collective, but when you’re not winning, these things get soaked in a liquid embellishment that you can smell from here to Far East Asia. The stench is currently set at ‘rank’

    My opinion is that fans can always criticise the team…it is their right. I would criticise Sir Alex’s tactics regularly, even though he is the greatest footballing beast we have ever seen. Constructive criticism can NEVER be a negative thing. But as i’ve now said maybe a million times, the regular criticism I hear about Moyes and the very slow start to this season seems to be the same old tripe regurgitated, generally by fans who did not back Moyes’ appointment in the first place. In many ways, this article is directed at them.

    We used to openly talk about what would we be like as a supporter base when Fergie left, when the weight of the world would be thrown on the shoulders of someone alot less capable. And lets face it, that covers every manager on the planet. Even Jose, Pep or Klopp do not have the experience that Sir Alex had. We would constantly talk about how we would not vilify a new manager early on, about how we would probably lose matches that we once would’ve gained points from. We would chat about how disgusted we felt by the carousel approach to management that the likes of Madrid and Chelsea had, and how we would NOT advocate such a thing for our club.

    And finally, the one thing we said we would be was… patient.

    Well as it turned out, that all appears to have been hollow guff. (More …)

    • Jamesy 14:52 on October 20, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I to realise the need for patience but what I have not been able to accept is £27,000,000 for a player who has no real profile or presence. I mean what is he in terms of a player. In contrast Victor Wanyama (£11,000,000) I know which player I would rather have in the team.

    • Jaspal Sangha 16:15 on October 20, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Great article first off. Totally agree with your analysis of some supporters actions.

      There really isn’t a need to ask for the head of Moyes after 8 games or even after an entire season. As of today I have no doubt that the EPL is the most competitive league in the world. There’s going to be 6-8 teams battling for a top 4 spot. Couple that with the fact that this is our transitional period and you have to expect to have a few if not many tough results like yesterday. Each tough result is just as hard or even harder to deal with than the last but I’m ready. I was born in 1991 and all I’ve seen for the majority of my life is SUCCESS, I was lucky enough to be at Old Trafford when we clinched against Villa last season. When I see supporters right now crying at this start (though I’d be lying if I said I’m not worried and upset by some decisions) and wanting Moyes’ head, the first thing that comes to mind is one of a spoiled rich kid who’s parents have taken his/her’s Ferrari away.

      With that being said however, you mentioned how criticism is fully warranted if it is somewhat constructive. Well here’s mine. I just can’t understand two things; why in the world has Shinji played so few minutes? Why did it seem like to me that we we’re sitting on a 1-0 lead instead of making positive moves and doubling that lead?

      Just thought it would be good to talk about these things! Overall I saw that we played so nice football in the first half especially. Fellaini looked solid in the first half and that boy JANUZAJ, he is a talent.

      Great read once again!

    • Trevor 17:01 on October 20, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I am very worried. If Fellaini Moyes paid £27 mil. Plus is the type of players he is looking at I am worried United are going to he worse.

      • ogunye kola 07:13 on October 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Yes to some point I did like your analysis but like others have your opinion is your opinion no one can change but this is man united not everton in red, I have united play under moyes since preseason honestly he doesn’t fit d caliber of man united now teams sense d weakness in him if we can’t beat a team like sotton westbrom at OT den wat r you agitating to keep calm and let all d wrk sir alex did go down d drain I have supported dis team for 14yrs I know d transition so don’t out of fear say we should be patient coz he might turn tinz around. Moyes doesn’t have it is tactical approach looks questionable and now he sees draw as a good result for everton yes but in man united no. He can’t win 3 games at a stretch it breaks my hrt to see I team I love most play chambolic football

    • John Trainor 17:04 on October 20, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I respect your opinions. However respect the fact that none of us know who supported or did not support the manager. In my case I wrote a glowing line of support for him, but he has let us down and his actions on and off the pitch are questionable and amateur.

      Again, all have a right to opinions and just because you do not like some of them does not mean that they are any less valid or respected by the rest of the faithful than yours.

      BTW, I am a life long supporter of United and have been so though the good times and bad…and this is bad! Oh, and in answer to your question…No, I want him and that new frint office baffon gone and sooner rather than later!

    • Joe 14:56 on October 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I am a staunch MANU supporter for years. My contribution is that Man Utd should follow the Barca approach. Any incoming coach works around the winning philosophy and brand that exists and if anything try to improve it. We cannot talk of rebuilding – rebuilding what? The team won the EPL by 11 points last season. Moyes appears clueless, his tactics are awful. How could one be contended with 1-0 lead at home? Why does Kagawa not play? Why does he bring in Giggs when there are younger players? Why does he bring in Smalling, a defender when we need more goals? Why did MANU fail to by Wanyama who was willing to join the club? Why does Moyes pay so much money for Fellaini – he is still so clouded by Everton mediocrity?? Why does he fail to see that Fellaini needed to be out at half time. One other piece of advice – can Giggs now retire without disgracing himself. Pep joined Bayern the same time what excuse is there. This team is not Everton.

    • minde 15:37 on October 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      fucking bullshit. how long you want to wait 2-3 years? are bfucking crazy, this no 80 and 90′s any mor5e.. moyes is not a united coach he’s has no clue how to use his best polayer – kagawa. this says it all. hope he will be sacked soon that fucking buffoon.

    • Joshua 18:52 on October 21, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Very unfair article to our fan base. Social media does not reflect our fan base in any way whatsoever. Yes, the team were given a few boos after the WB game but that happened under Ferguson once or twice and these days it happens at every club. Fans still sing Moyes’ name and even those who didn’t think he was the right man have not voiced this in the stands. United are such a media phenomenon that social media have a field day whenever we are under pressure. We have ignorant “fans”, mostly non local ones who “don’t know how to spell football, let alone understand it” (of course there are also many genuine, die hard non-local fans). This means that there is a loud and ignorant section of “fans” that get a lot of attention. It does not reflect the core support of United.

    • Andy 11:49 on October 23, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Wow, referring to this as BAD makes me wonder what bad times you’ve been through before. It’s October, surely this can’t (yet?) compare to 26 years without a league title or a relegation, because since the early 90s when trophies started coming and then regular league titles were added we haven’t experienced anything that you can really call the bad times

  • Rob B 15:39 on September 29, 2013 Permalink | Reply

    The Kagawa Conundrum – Is Shinji Destined To Leave United? 


    Before I really kick this article off let me answer one question first:

    Do I think that Kagawa can become a huge success at Manchester United?

    The answer in my opinion is yes. He is blessed. There are not many as good as him walking this planet today, that can do what he does, in the manner that he does it. But currently… he is residing in a partly self imposed world of limbo…

    I have been banging the Shinji drum since day one. The reason for this is he is the type of player I want to see in Red. An artist. A player whose mind works in football equations and sporting algebra. We have had many a player who can do the basics, and that is fine – you will never hear me criticise the Darren Fletchers of our club. But you crave for something more. In contradiction, I have always claimed that I go to Old Trafford to watch United win, and not to be entertained, but it is not as black and white as that. You want a mix, and I am sure that is the way Fergie saw it, when he raided Dortmund and took their trequartista from them.

    The first season was never an issue for me. Kagawa was always going to be broken in slowly, and the injury he obtained just slowed that down to a snail’s pace. But I saw Shinji’s purchase as one for the near future – mainly in a future that didn’t include Wayne Rooney. (More …)

    • Tom 16:27 on September 29, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Unfortunately I cannot see Kagawa being a success because of Rooney. Moyes made the decision that Rooney must stay and that seems to have ended any hopes for Kagawa now. We have tried to fit him in the team on the left, but its not working. Kagawa lacks the pace needed to play from the left side like we have asked him to. Silva plays the role for Man City but he is quicker than Kagawa and that’s why it works.

      If I was the manager, which I am in my dreams, I would be playing the diamond formation and finally remove our wingers. Valencia, Nani and Young have done nothing to warrant starting matches. If it was me then I would be trying to develop a better style of play which focuses around better passing and keeping more control and possession of the football. We need to play with more tempo and a lot more quicker than we do now. In the diamond formation we can play Kagawa behind RVP and Rooney.

      ……………………..De Gea………………..






      I know they will say that Man Utd always play with width but where does it get us really. We are predictable and our wingers are terrible. No goals or assists comes from them and its getting boring. Moyes needs to be bold and take more risks. Ferguson played the diamond last season and it was a rough stage, but there was potential. We went to Newcastle and played really well and won 3-0.

    • Red Devil 16:30 on September 29, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      The problem is that when a new manager comes into a club, he has a style, and he has a type of player in mind that suits that style, and to be honest I think Moyes wants to change things, instead of using pre-season to sort things out, he’s trying to do it in matches that matter, which is a reason for his “different” team selections, it’s costing us points, I think if Fergie had been here you would have seen a different start to the one we’ve had.
      I’m not convinced by Moyes, I wasn’t when he was at Everton, the players he bought just didn’t fit in the United way, and his purchase of Fellaini proved that to me, he is a man out of his depth, and it will take quite a bit of time for him to learn how to swim at United, I think he will drown before that.
      Shinji is one of two may three creative players, and is the best, he runs at defences, he can feed quick balls to Rooney and RVP, but I can’t see Moyes changing tactics to accommodate him.

    • Pre Munich Ref 17:36 on September 29, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I agree with a great deal of this article but there are flaws. Apart from lip service there is no evidence that Moyes rates. Kagawa. He has had very few minutes on the pitch. Moyes says that he needs to prove himself. How can he prove himself or get match fit on the bench? Against Liverpool he had a slow start but was just getting into his stride when he was hauled off. Against WBA he was probably our best player in the first half but was unjustifiably left in the dressing room for the second half. You are right that Rooney cannot be left out of the number 10 role the way he is playing. But Kagawa has built up a good partnership with Japan’s number 10 Honda from the left. He could do the same for us until his chance comes in his favourite position. That is if Moyes rated or trusted him.

    • JW 18:18 on September 29, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      United are going through a bit of a crisis. There is something wrong with the mindset of most of the players, they are lacking drive and enthusiasm. This is what we should be discussing.
      But instead blog after blog obsesses about a frankly inconsequential member of the squad.
      Kagawa always plays left side of midfield for Japan and he did so for 50% of the time for Dortmund. He has never been asked to play ‘left wing’ for United, just exactly the same position ‘left side of midfield’.
      He just has not played particularly well. Very occasionally he shows some glimpses of talent, but no strength at all. He gets so easily knocked off the ball. Unless he improves, and its up to him alone, he will have a long time to contemplate his future from the stands.
      Now can we turn to important matters.

    • Crazy gunner 18:54 on September 29, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      As an arsenal fan l was gutted when Utd signed Shinji ….l remember playing Dortmund in the CL 3 years ago….he taught us a lesson in quick incisive intelligent attacking football….funny enough l had never heard of him before then….in both legs he was by far the best player on the pitch …only the blazing form of RVP saved I our pride….l followed his progress with Dortmund and understood why their fans worshipped him…

      I am still glad Wenger signed Cazorla although deep down it was Shinji l wanted….

      I have to be honest since he came to United he looks unrecognisable….l was convinced the guy was going to be a world beater….l have got to agree with the Dortmund fans FREE SHINJI!!!…

    • Prince Evans 19:08 on September 29, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Shinji Kagawa is gifted and with adowned with skills. l always believe in Sir Alex Ferguson when it comes to choice of players to buy or sign. To that effect, l think Ferguson saw something in Kagawa just as he did in the case of De Gea. The Spainerd in the begining of his United cereer found life defficult in Old Trafford with many fans quastioning his accquisition. But Sir was confident De Gea was his number one and must find life at Old Trafford. And today, with De Gea, “life is good.” Back to Kagawa, we all know before he came down to Old Trafford. he is a midfielder, but overwhelmed by Rooney. We should not forget that many players floops when they play in a strange wings and Kagawa is never excluded. Moyes should in some matchs use him in his surposed wing and let’s see. Sir saw something defferent in Kagawa when he demanded for his services. l suggest that Moyes do something extraordinary to improve on and off the pitch and create enabling avenue of symbiotic interaction and relationship between and his players

    • Tom Parkinson 08:11 on September 30, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I think you have nailed the pure reality of the situation, that Kagawa is an excellent footballer, but an in form Rooney is simply a better, more effective, more experienced player, who is more suited to the Premier League. There is no option but to play him left – but I don’t see why him and Rooney can not interchange a bit more, to be a bit more flexible.

      Kagawa did get a few games centrally, but even then, just did not effect the game enough. For me, he has shown very little impact on games, besides a few lovely touches. Lovely touches don’t cut it at Man Utd, ask Berbatov who was shipped out as a talented flop.

      The main issue for me is he has looked incredibly weak on the ball, countless times he is pushed off the ball, and he lies there waiting for a foul that is never going to come. I put a bit of that down to desire and hunger – he has been here for a year, and should have hit the gym a lot more than he has.

      He needs more time, and I hope he gets it, but sadly for me I can not see him ever being a regular, before we go out and spend big on left sided winger who takes his place.

  • Rob B 14:27 on September 23, 2013 Permalink | Reply

    The Destruction of Ashley Young. Who Is To Blame? It Might Be You… 


    There’s this fella that makes me laugh, when I catch the wrestling on the TV on the odd occasion. He has made a career out of shouting ‘NO NO NO’ as a catchphrase…to show his disdain at things he dislikes. As time has gone on, he has also cultivated the catchphrase ‘YES YES YES’…that is right, you’ve guessed it…to show his approval of certain situations. The wrestling fans love it, and it is easy to see why. Rather than be a sport, it is deemed as entertainment, and it has a direct correlation to all things showbiz: Catchphrases and manufactured anger are all part of the game…it is a pantomime for fans of a physical soap opera.

    This approach to wrestling seems to be creeping into football. Hashtags and hand grenades get thrown by fans, like the faux booing you hear in the WWE. And certain players play the villains – even when the solitary thing those players desperately need is our support.

    The biggest question being banded around at present is this: Is Ashley Young good enough to play for Manchester United?

    It is indeed a valid question. You could in all seriousness ask it about Lindegaard, Fabio, Anderson, Cleverley…even Welbeck still has this question asked about him (those fans are clearly idiots) But the question loses its relevance when the player is on a hiding to nothing, in what appears to be a full scale witchhunt of the lad…

    Do I think Young is good enough for United? – I don’t see it as a simple yes and no answer. (More …)

    • adam brasco 15:08 on September 23, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Fantastic article , I am one of the fans with the knives out for young , he is an average player but I think the frustration is we have better talent on the bench, time for your good enough your young enough and throw zAha and adnan in , its going to be a hard season and if we can get 4th that will be a start group in the summer and invest in shaw Herrera and a more mobile looking squad and let the old guard of Rio and giggs retire.

    • Anon 15:16 on September 23, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Putting in bad footballing performances is one thing.

      Continual (very) amateur dramatics is another. His diving brings shame onto the club & it is just embarrassing.

      At least Ronaldo had a certain balletic (if ladylike) grace when he used to cheat.

    • Dotun 16:00 on September 23, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Well written, and this coming from an Arsenal supporter. You should have heard the venom spat in Ramsey’s direction in the last two seasons, or the same with Alex Song in all but his last two seasons with us.

    • Adi 17:42 on September 23, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I agree. Don’t kill Young for what happened yesterday. The entire team played bad for 60 mins. If Kagawa had played on the left Zabaleta and Navas would’ve killed Evra. We should’ve packed the midfield. After Cleverley came on we were better than them. Blaming one person for our defeat is unacceptable.
      In the coming matches i would like to see Zaha given some game time. At least against weaker opposition. Even if he doesn’t perform he’ll learn from that.

    • Dave 20:26 on September 23, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Well said Rob…I agree with being supportive of our players and the club. IMO Young just ain’t performing. Yes y not vent it out on Anderson, Cleverly or Valencia. Except for a few glimpses, they are overall average or above avg players. Young isn’t. He is (was) a well rounded player suited for PL and touted to be a problem solver for United midfield which hasn’t happened. Its just that Fans expect more out of him. And they aren’t wrong at that. It happens at every club. Its similar to seeing a bad game from Theo Walcott and the gunners are up in arms. Don’t care if Lucas Podolski or Aaron Ramsey has a bad game…..

    • Kristoffer 22:57 on September 23, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      This was a nice veiw.

    • Red Bonifacio 13:07 on December 9, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Good player? Yes. Good enough? Yes. Performing in these somewhat brief sporadic moments? No. Why? A number of factors, lack of confidence. due to lack of games thus lack of match fitness = patchy performance level. This can apply to a number of other good players in the squad.

      Let’s look at his history with the club:
      2011/12 – Very good debut season. Simple. Scored some important goals. Contributed with some excellent assists.
      2012/13 – A run of 8-9 games on the bounce in which he was average-ok was sandwiched in between long spells out. Injured.
      2013/14 – Bit part bench player. Unfair to judge.

      Forget the witch hunt bias rubbish. Make your own mind up.

  • Rob B 10:55 on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply
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    Fellaini, Moyes and Woodward – How United’s Fans Might Cripple The Club 


    It is the morning after the night before …and like a zombie apocalypse the Manchester United landscape feels like a barren and ravaged vista. The metaphoric bodies and screams from a million twitter accounts, left strewn across the car parks and fields. Hashtags sprayed upon walls, in the blood of Ed Woodward. David Moyes’ name, already spoken like a British Prime Minister, who led us into an international war we could never win. The taste in the mouth is positively radioactive. Like battery acid mixed with lemons provided by our tabloids. It is frankly a mess. But not for the reasons you might assume.

    One thing that was proved to me last night unequivocally, is how bad ‘supporters’ have become. As we all witnessed Arsenal unveil their stellar signing via social media and Sky Sports News, the jealous rage of United fans was palpable. Once upon a time, such a signing would’ve have triggered mass debate (ahem) …maybe even some tribal name calling. all in the name of our clubs. However, what we received was a ton of random shouting at the CEO and the manager…all as hollow and vapid as could be. Nothing constructive. Just a wall of noise, like a pack of howling dogs.

    Now don’t get me wrong – this window has not covered the Manchester United board in any type of glory (a board that also contains Sir Alex and Sir Bobby) – but I have never seen such unbelievable outrage about something that was at best ‘a non event’

    Yep, we didn’t get the players we wanted. But we did address an age-old problem in our central midfield – something we have craved for many moons. Yet many United fans allowed the event to be their first opportunity to attack a manager and CEO, who are still in their infancy in terms of tenure. (More …)

    • Ahmed Y 11:13 on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Have to say.. Totally Agree.. this is the best piece I’ve read .. EVER

    • Roon U 11:27 on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      United fans have not done anything wrong this summer. They are not the ones who decided to select Ashley Young & Giggs for a game against Liverpool who were terrible for most of the game. It is disingenuous for anyone to think that Moyes can achieve the exact same thing Fergie did with the same squad. The manager will be given time because this is Manchester United but failure should never be rewarded especially when hundreds of millions of pounds are at stake.
      The manager seems clueless with his team selections favoring overrated English players like Young Giggs (Wales) Cleverley Jones Welbeck ahead of the foreign based United players. I believe everyone should be given a fair chance to try to stake a 1st team spot but it appears that’s only happening with the British players. Ultimately he’ll be judged at the end of the season so we’ll see where MUFC ends up but whilst I was initially bullish about United’s chances of retaining the league title, the last couple of performances & incompetency in the transfer market has caused me to revise my predictions for United’s season. The best United can hope for is 4th this season and as for Europe, Manchester united won’t go past the Round of 16. There simply doesn’t seem to be any hunger or desire to win this season. I’ll chalk that up to complacency and a new manager who is out of his depth.
      This really is a new era at Manchester United and I hope David Moyes can prove me wrong in 9 months time. GGMU

      • Tony 11:32 on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Your job is to SUPPORT the team, it’s up to everyone else to try to bring us down. If we don’t stand strong…who will?

        The team selections for our first few games can hardly be used as a template for the season to come, he is still finding the strengths of each player and it will take time before he finds his best 11 and the right shape to go with it.

        Look at the positives, there are more than you think.

    • jerome 11:28 on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      i support your statement 100%. FAITH, TRUST & HARDWORK will carry us through MAN UTD FOREVER!!!!! WOW this was something worthy to read honestly

    • Tony 11:30 on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Fantastic article, very well done to you Rob!

      Fellaini is the type of midfielder the fans have been calling for, for 5 years or more.

      Your points on the Chelsea/Man City squads are exactly what I have been saying all summer. The media have hyped them up to be so much better than they are, quickly forgetting that we won the league at a canter, last season.

      I, too, have noticed how rapidly United’s “online fans” have turned against Moyes and Woodward. It is more than laughable but, as you say, has the potential to bring us down, as a club.

      A settling in period is needed, we are in that now. How long it will last, nobody knows…we can only hope it is as short as possible.


    • Raj 11:46 on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      We are true Man U fans and we also understand Man U can’t be the same without Fergie….we have seen some tough times even during Fergie time! We supported Moyes as we all Man U fans supposed to do but can someone tell me how can we sign only Fellani, that also in the 11th hour, when whole world knew n seen in recent past that without a proper CM we are doomed to fail ! It’s not about winning only it’s about trying also…no one complain if we tried our best during in the transfer market but look at Harrera scenario …we are ashamed to say the least ! Someone rightly said Woodward is Glazers agent and what he did in transfer market is testimonials of the same ! A treble winning team like Munich n Barca did so much of shopping but all we did was let City,Chelsea n Spurs overtake us n left us to fight for a spot in CL …. To sum it up, we are left to sulk n wait for next year for some good news…pls don’t expect any trophy under Moyes and Woodward !

      • Harri 14:04 on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        True United supporters NEVER say “Man U”

    • Ray 11:47 on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      David Moyes has been given great support by the fans in the 3 league games so far, however, because he is David Moyes and not Fergie I worry for this season. For the last 5 years Fergie has squeezed unbelievable levels of performance out of a team with one of the worst midfield’s in the top 6 or 7. I for one don’t have the confidence that Moyes will be able to do that. I’d be happy to be proved wrong. We did need steel in the midfield, if for nothing else to take the weight off Carrick, he’s been carrying the midfield for a long time. However, I’m not convinced Fellaini is the answer. He was most effective for Everton when playing at the No.10 role and the ball was lumped up to him. We don’t and hopefully won’t play that way. We need someone who can sit deeper break up play and use the ball effectively. If Fellaini can prove he can do that for us great, but he’s never proved he can do that for Everton. I also have reservations about Moyes’ ability to use creative players, we have a superb No.10 in Shinji Kagawa but he has got nowhere near the first team in the 3 games so far.

      David Moyes has yet to convince me that he can have a team with the attacking talent of RVP, Rooney, Welbeck, Kagawa, Nani, Valencia, Hernandez, Januzaj, Zaha et all playing the type of football they should be. Look at the evidence – the last 180 minutes and not only no goals but barely more than a chance opf two in each match. This team has incredible attacking talent but they are not being given the freedom to show it. Maybe Moyes will adapt in time but the jury is very much out as yet.

      The summer’s transfer activity has been nothing short of embarrassing, and the new CEO has to take the blame for that, as I’ve tweeted a few times, I had no love for David Gill but he knew what he was doing in the transfer market and got deals done. The very public pursuit of Fabregas was unedifying to say the least. The farcical collapse of the Ander Herrera deal, just add more fuel to the fire and if as has been claimed we wanted Fellaini right from the start why not get the deal done in July? The public image of the club is now one that doesn’t know what it’s doing in the transfer market, and that may come back to bite us in future windows.

      Of course we will support Moyes and the players he has and has brought in, but there is not point in trying to claim this window has been any thing other than a farce.

    • Martyn 11:58 on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Don’t get me wrong I am happy that we have signed a midfielder, and I think Felliani will definitely add some steel to the side, but tell me any other job in the world where you deliberately overpay by £4MILLION and not receive your p45. That reeks of arrogance, thinking Everton would roll over for a lesser fee than the release clause. One of the classier United traits has been our ability to keep our transfer dealings under the radar, but if we are going to go public, at least show some respect with a valuation in line with market prices… especially for clubs who are in no way wanting to sell their prized assets.

      I personally do not understand the frustration with Moyes though, this is really beyond his control (I do believe questions should be asked of the board though). Whilst Super Daves team selection against Liverpool and Chelsea may have been questionable I would say that he was probably going for experience in those big games, which is why we saw Giggs over Kagawa, Young over Zaha, etc. Even Fergie’s team sheets were sometimes just as head scratching. But I do take the Rob’s point about the hysteria this has caused in our own fans, with many supporters sounding like spoilt children.

    • Paul King 12:03 on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Well spoken, Roon U. SUPPORT doesn’t exempt criticism (thats why players & managers acknowledge such when they are booed after a bad performance).

      The board need to sit up and if our criticism achieves it, then lets go for it.

    • TaffyGabriel 12:06 on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Great piece of writing but I think it misses the point. Yes the current squad won the league and all but as many have pointed out without SAF that team would have struggled to get anywhere near the top. We have to be realistic and with a new manager the squad needed strenghtening. Recent performances have not done anything to alay the fears of some fans. The preseason was well preseason and one performance against Swansea (where for the first 30 to 40 minutes Swansea were better) is all United have to show. They have failed to break down two well organised defences. The team selection has been bewildering and for all Ryan Giggs exploits he looked 20 years pst it against Liverpool. The biggest problem here is that for all the shortcomings that this team has Moyes and Woodward conducted a shambolic transfer widow and we are well within our rights to question this apparent lack of strategy. Failed to strengthen an area where for the last couple of years has obviously required strenthening. How the two of then then contrived to pay over the odds for a player that they could have bought for four million less, tried brinkmanship with Herrera on the last day of the transfer window and then desperately tried to get Contrao just reflects badly on the club. The fact that they paid over the odds means that the so called Glazers have made the funds available and its a case of not really knowing what plan a, b or c was in the trasfer market. It remains to be seen whether Moyes will be able to galvanise the current squad into action but his team selection and tactics for the early part of the season would leave any United fan worried. Supporting the manager yes but blind loyalty inthe face of such naivety is not the United way. You talk about the current squad and them having won the league – Man City did the same stood still and subsequently trailed a distant second to a squad that was strengthened by RvP and to a lesser extent Kagawa (he may not have played a great deal but the statement of intent tht signings make galvanises the squad). we have stood still actually in some respect gone backwards (SAF has gone). I hope that Moyes proves me wrong in doubting him but having watched the two very mediocre performances against squads that have strenthened leaves me distinctly unconvinced. GGMU

    • Innocent 12:10 on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Got it spot on Rob, thats a very gud article 4 ages, lets support moyes to see wat he has up there. He seems confident with d squad even claiming dat he can cope without any addition. #lets support our manager

    • spence 12:36 on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      @Raj: If you were a ‘true’ United supporter you would know not to call us ‘Man U’.

      I don’t know many supporters who blame Moyes for the mess this summer, its Woodward who is rightly copping the flack. It’s true that Woodward is new to the CEO role but he is not new to the club and should have some knowledge of how things operate, I can’t believe for one minute that Gill just wandered into the sunset without giving Woodward a proper ‘handover’ so he should have done better.

      Woodward spoke about us being in for the top players but he failed to bring any in, he has failed Moyes who obviously didn’t believe himself that he was happy with what he has otherwise we wouldn’t have seen the embarrassing scramble for any player yesterday.

      Yes I will continue to support the team but Woodward needs to sort hos act out ASAP for the good of the club.

    • Jeet 12:39 on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I like Moyes. I like Fellaini, and indeed have been laughed out of blogs for the last 2 years (I kid you not!) for mentioning him as someone United should sign. I think keeping Rooney has been an achievement.

      My biggest problems with transfer dealings this summer, ones that make my furious (though I do not have a twitter account) are as follows:

      1. Unreal expectation setting and a being a PR hound (we can sign the best, we are in for the best, leaving on urgent transfer business, making bids public, and all that). It’s better to say “We are looking at one, at best 2 additions in areas of interest” and then let your work do the talking.

      2. Naive target selection. Fabregas was unreal – how hard was it to realize that? Offering 12 mil Euros for Daniel De Rossi. That’s the equivalent of offering 10 mil GBP (less if you take inflation into account) in 2004-05 for Paul Scholes. How would we have felt if someone tried to pull that stunt on us?

      3. Last but not the least, the Hererra fiasco if reports are to be believed. Apparently, we let him and the law firm (they weren’t imposters, could not have been – they have been identified as partners at one of Bilbao’s top sports law firms) hang out to dry as soon as we got Fellaini.

      I don’t give a damn if United comes out and says “we won’t sign anyone for the next 2 years”. I don’t even mind (not beyond a certain level, at least) losing to the bitters or the dippers after a few days – this is football after all, a sporting contest. Seriously. Just don’t BS us fans, don’t fuck around with other clubs’ sentiments, and don’t drag the good name of Manchester United Football Club through the mud of Europe. That’s all.

    • Pete 13:06 on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Dull article, poorly written

    • The Gaffer 13:26 on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Fellaini is not the midfielder the we have been wanting for the last five years, at best he is our third or fourth choice signing in this window.
      If Moyes was so keen on signing him, why didn’t he do it in July when he could of been bought for £23.5m.

      The £4m more we paid for him is the same amount as the VAT on Herrera which United refused to pay, yet Herrera wanted to come, he was even willing to take a pay cut to come.

      The fault with us failing to get the players we wanted, lies firmly on the shoulders of Woodward, wrong paperwork, paperwork in the wrong language etc, it all sparks of complete and utter incompetence on him and the team involved.

    • jimmymac62 13:41 on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Rob….yes indeed, the Glazers are the herd of elephants in the room. They are the ones to be held accountable for the fact that a highly skilled and experienced negotiator was allowed to leave at the the same time as the best manager in British history. It is their fault that Woodward was appointed anfd given instructions to concentrate on securing yet more revenue streams from international companies queuing up to line the Glazers pockets for the opportunity to have their companys products and services associated with the name of a great club. It was their fault that Woodward bid too low on targets that were unrealistic or never attainable and that he dragged on and on and on….far beyond the time any experienced experienced negotiator would have done. In the process he has managed to piss off the players, agents, managers, directors and fans of many clubs and sabotage many potential transfers for the sake of a few million when there was supposedly ‘no budget’ (limitation) The club is now a laughing stock around the world. United used to have a reputation for acting with class, dignity and integrity but that image has been severely damaged. The Glazers appointed Moyes as Fergie 2.0 ….. someone who could work wonders on the cheap and Woodward was was obviously given the same brief. So what happened? We paid over the odds for a player who is little more than a schoolyard bully and lost out on at best B/C list player who cant score, has a very poor disciplinary record and blatantly chears who agai was way overpriced. The fact that we only secured Fellaini and withdrew from the Herrera deal on the final day, aafterboth players had voluntarily given up loyalty payments to help push the moves through tells you everything about Woodward and the Glazers priorities and arrogant lack of decency and respect for all the other parties involved. As if the club wasn’t hated enough already.

    • tomstoned 14:45 on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      dont you get it yet..your fast becoming the new everton,and c’mon who would in their right mind chose to play for moyes ??…

    • sitesired 15:38 on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I fully support our new manager , he is the face of United . Ill accept he has to see for himself the likes of Young , Cleverley Welbeck etc to make his own mind up .That is his job he as Everton manager knew our weakness’s and made us pay .Why shouldn’t I/we have faith in him .
      However this Woodward and his team have lead us by the nose into an arena where we are seen as inept in decline and any other insult that can be levelled at us .Do not tell us how to support United , while turkeys like woodward initiate internal inquiries into what went wrong . He lead it , under bid , insulting bids , wrong approaches and over pays . In any other walk of life even banking they would pay him of ASAP .

      • eric the king 19:48 on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Agree with a lot of your points Sitesired.
        I’ve not called Moyes at all over this, but Woodward has been incompetent at best, or deliberately screwing dwals (which I realise sounds paranoid) at worst.
        At the end of the day he is a long-time Glazerite, & 1 keen to bring money in with 50 different tyre partnerships, not send money out on players and salaries.
        I was certainly never Gills biggest fan after his switch of heart once under the Glazers, but he’s certainly gone up in my estimations after this summer.
        It also makes me wonder how much him leaving contributed to Fergie’s decision too.
        Again, maybe being paranoid once more, but was there something in his farewell address, declaring the fans job was now to support the manager, knowing full well what he would be working with?
        I’m happy enough for Fellaini to come on board, but how he’s missed a pre-season, we’ve paid millions more,rridiculous!!

    • Gothic 19:38 on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Moyes needs to get used to the Utd way and find his feet in the biggest shoes imaginable in this sense. I remember the second half of the eighties all too well (“4 years and still them same old ****”) – most of the twitter hounds weren’t even conceived in them ‘dark’ days… Yet the man who became a legend was given the time and opportunity to get things right – the rest is history… Lest we forget….

      To a (much) lesser extend the same applies to Woodward, and whilst I do not know the man, his first two months in charge have been nothing if not an unequivocal PR disaster by his own making!

      You don’t get to become the CEO of the world’s biggest club (least of all if owned by powerful Americans with vested interests in the preservation of a valuable franchise) as a greenhorn, without the credentials and qualifications in place; the media was handled in the most incompetent fashion, so much so that even in Germany’s biggest paper they thought it worth commenting on… Must do better, much better!

      The vitriol from the fanbase, justified on grounds that without their readiness to buy into the Utd merchandise machine Utd’s brand wouldn’t be what it is (note: brand, NOT our club!), will be nothing compared to the evaluation of Mr Woodward’s C&Rs as the head of the Glazer’s cash cow by our american owners! If anything makes them sit up and take note it will be anything that is slowing down the gravy train. In the corporate world perception, reputation and stakeholder confidence is a more valuable commodity than actual tangible assets. The CEO won’t care about the fan’s gripe, after all you don’t get to that position unless you are bullet proof against criticism, it won’t affect him one iota; but what will concern him is the potential of perceived failure and incompetence in the eyes of his paymasters!
      And the vultures will be watching the global currents of how things are being perceived – very very carefully…

    • Daniel hawthorn 19:54 on September 3, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Great article, shame there are a some utd fans who don’t share your opinions.

    • Mike 06:44 on September 4, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Great article, but… a week or so ago no one had heard of Herrera and then we were desperate for him. For not much more we could have had Ozil but he went to Arsenal. We weren’t even mentioned in that pursuit. THAT is whats worrying. Having said that, Basque footballers are an unsular lot – maybe Herrera is a worldie that has not yet reached the world stage and we will sign him in January!

    • stretfordendsince76 07:45 on September 4, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      i have tried telling Rob on twitter that SAF got extra out of last seasons team but he just wants to put my theory down because he is a “top red”. this is going to be a period of transition . My argument for the close season was that the board went public with bids & made us look amateurish at best . Moyes will be given time as he should be . I do think there has been too much change in the club which may take 2-3 years to level itself out , as in Gill, SAF , Rene ,Phelan and Steele all leaving, good move by Moyes though to bring in Phil Neville and appoint Giggs as coach although i don’t think he should be player coach though (hang up the boots now Ryan please). Another thing is i don’t think MUFC under new regime will hold the same appeal as it did under the previous one for incoming players, there will be an element of doubt & uncertainty in their minds.As fans we will be behind the manager & the team 100% it is the hierarchy we are unsure of .

      • Rob B 15:44 on September 4, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Tried telling me on Twitter? Sorry, not sure who you are. Not aware ive ever spoken to you. Thanks for reading though.

  • Rob B 16:10 on August 16, 2013 Permalink | Reply

    Cristiano Or Bust? Why United Have A Philosophy Of Patience 


    ‘United to make third Fabregas bid.’
    ‘Cristiano Ronaldo spotted in Manchester.’

    The Twittersphere has explode with rumours in the last couple of weeks regarding Manchester United’s transfer targets. In fact, rarely has a transfer window been and gone where United aren’t linked to most top players across Europe and beyond. Nevertheless it seems that the club has finally got the hint from both Barcelona and Cesc Fabregas that the Spaniard wasn’t interested in a return to England (how about one last bid Dave, just to be sure…). The other rumour however fills the majority of United fans with dejected hope. We know it won’t happen of course, but boy do we love to dream that the prodigal son could return to Old Trafford.  

    The issue with this fantasy world is glaringly simple though – Manchester United rarely sign superstars.  Look through any “Best ever United XI” and tell me how many of the players United signed whilst they were at their peak. You would be hard pushed to find perhaps more than one, depending on your views.

    Disclaimer: when I say we don’t sign world class players, I don’t necessarily see it as a negative.

    The fact is simple, we don’t sign the best players; instead we shape them into becoming the best players. (More …)

    • elvido 19:10 on August 16, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Excellent article. Once in a while, one of these turn up and assure you that there is something called a sane football fan

    • Steph D 20:06 on August 16, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks mate

  • Rob B 14:18 on August 8, 2013 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ,   

    Are Chelsea & Man City Truly The Favourites? 


    Steph D writes for The Faithful:

    If you read any pre-season predictions you’ll probably notice there have only been two responses to “Who will win the Premier League this year?” The obvious answers of Chelsea and Manchester City are coming forward in swarms by journalists, pundits and ex-pros alike.

    For Chelsea, they haven’t ventured too heavily in the transfer market as things stand (Andre Schurrle remains their only big name acquisition) but the return of the Happy One is perhaps their most vital signing of all. No doubt the “Mourinho factor” will boost the London side and they will be there or thereabouts at the end of the season.

    Meanwhile our neighbours the other side of Manchester haven’t missed a trick and appear to have got the bulk of their summer trade organised early on in the transfer window. At present they have spent an approximate £87m on a decent looking set of players and have also sacked off their golf swinging leech.

    But one big name is absent from all this title-winning talk. No , not Liverpool (it’s their season y’know), but Manchester United – the reigning, record breaking champions. And do you know what? That’s absolutely fine with me. (More …)

    • sitesired 15:30 on August 8, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Very well put . The core of our club is very much alive .The dressing room and fans alike has lived with expectation over many seasons . We are not Liverpool living on past glory .We will take this battle to The likes of Chelsea and mcfc . DM may not have the track record of Maureen etc but we have seen how with little or nothing Everton overhauled Liverpool . We have a winner at the helm .

    • stephen 16:03 on August 8, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Don’t be getting to upset about it. It has been coming for a long time you managed to but the league back last season. That is where it ends Ferguson saw it coming and got off while the going was good. And by the way it is MANCHESTER CITY’S to lose.As it was last year. And there is a few old player’s at UTD i think Gigg’s Ferdinand RVP all 30+.

    • Glowey 20:04 on August 8, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      That’s it, always look on the bright side or, in other words, you haven’t really much choice have you?

  • Rob B 10:43 on July 29, 2013 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: ,   

    Moyes Needs Steel – Fellaini Will Give United What They Really Need 


    The needs of Manchester United fans are not always the same as their wants.

    After ‘Thiago Fever’ gripped The Faithful, during an ongoing media campaign that claimed we had all but signed the player, and the ‘Fabregas Farce’ which allegedly saw Cesc consider coming to Old Trafford, despite him never publicly making any such overtones and his club showing little willing to sell, United fans are feeling all hard done by and dare I say it – almost jealous – when looking at our peers in and around Europe. The jokes about Moyes going back to Everton to capture a Hibbert or a Anichebe are rife, but with fewer reasons of humour, and more reasons of loading the proverbial shotgun, should the new manager not pull a transfer ace out the bag.

    As football fans of course we crave excitement – and at a club like Man Utd, we want to sign the very best. However, this has never been the United way. Our last thirty million pound plus signing was Dimitar Berbatov, and I think it is fair to say that you would not really call him a ‘superstar signing’. A section of our fanbase will not be prepared to go into battle next year unless we acquire a Cesc or a Thiago. This is down to either being too short-sighted to the squad we all ready have, or more importantly, to the other transfer targets we could acquire. It is a bit like last year, where we got Kagawa and not Hazard, and some quarters will always be more bothered that Shinji is not Eden, rather than what the Japanese lad can do with a ball at his feet. The green-eyed monsters run free…

    Despite ‘wanting’ this stellar name, there are certain more sterile needs of the squad. (More …)

    • Nigerian 11:52 on July 29, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Boy, do I like this piece! Every bit of it is dripping with truth. The more we chase these stars, the more they’d elude us and the stupidier we look. It’s time to get pragmatic.
      Bravo, The Faithful!

    • Ian 15:26 on July 29, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      I agree we need a midfield general and that attacking flair is a benefit rather than a necessity considering some of the stars we have in and around the team. There is no doubt that adding a Fabregas or a Thiago would improve us as, they would improve any team but they would only be a bonus.

      98% of this is completely accurate but I have to disagree with the choice of player recommended. Certainly as a physical presence he would match any in the premier league but we don’t just need that. He has to have the ability to use it with out flying elbows. Fellaini is a good player and he would improve us in midfield but in order to get the next midfield general who can marshal the troops for the start of the Moyes Generation, I would hope that it is someone who can provide the qualities of both a Fellaini as well as with some of the flair. Keane was hard as nails but he could play great football and if we need to do a stellar signing. Let him have both those qualities instead of an either or!!

    • craig norman 05:43 on August 7, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Same qn I had abt him being the right man. But after this article, we need the man, period.

    • Uwazzy 06:21 on August 7, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Lovely article. Yes we really need to be practical and I believe being practical will be signing Luiz Gustavo.

      Bayern has confirmed that Luiz Gustavo is for sale if they get the right offer . I feel this is a player better than Fellaini , Anderson in central midfield . He is strong, can pass , more skillful than ramirez ,technically sound and is a brazilian . It would be a shock if Manchester United allow this opportunity to pass them by .

      From what I have seen we need effective signings and not necessarily hollywood signings . We did that last season , Now we need dudes that would work for the team and give fletcher-like performances . Gustavo is one . I also believe be have enough creativity in this team in various variations also . Nani, kagawa, adnan, rooney zaha , lingard all give something different when it comes to creativity and its lovely but we need to harden up .

      And please no one should tell me because he couldnt make it to the bayern first team shows he isnt united class. Sneidjer and Robben couldn’t make it in the neo-galatico era and yet they have won UCL for other clubs during that era .

      We need to buy intelligently and a golden opportunity has come .

    • Uwazzy 06:56 on August 7, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Gustavo is a Favorite for me . To think of it , the last great midfield signing we made was from Bayern Munich .

      I think Gustavo will be perfect and the circumstance of his sale is great for us .

    • enzophonics 06:56 on August 7, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Brilliant write up. Refreshing new insight apart from the usual dross being spouted during the transfer period! Well done Rob.

    • varshan 18:15 on August 7, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      brilliant article.
      prior to the transfer window i was set on united signing fellaini due to the obvious reasons you pointed out.
      however since we have been linked with thiago and cesc i admit i also fell in to this trap of ‘flashy big name’ rather than acquiring whats actually needed.
      if u look at it this way; if we do sign fellaini we can play the 4-2-3-1 with carrick and fellaini in the 2 man pivot.
      with such strong def cover from fellaini and the array of passes of deep lying play making from carrick it gives united the opportunity to play an all out attack 3 man midfield of kagawa ( not rooney ) through the centre which he thrives in and 2 wingers either zaha valencia or nani well that can be looked at depending on form and with the acquisition of zaha and hes stand out performance durin pre season it would push the rest to perform for a start.
      and of course rvp up front

    • Chris O'connor 20:39 on August 8, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Great article,all those against the signing of fellani will change their minds when they see him bossing our midfield !

  • Rob B 11:59 on July 24, 2013 Permalink | Reply

    The Epitaph of Nani – Brilliant and Underwhelming 


    There is no doubt that Luis Nani had everything it took to be a Man Utd great. On his day, he could kill a full back with the artistic grace of an Underworld assassin. Deadly on the trigger. Focused on his target. Devastating in his execution. We all remember that breath-taking piece of skill at the Emirates – when he killed two defenders in the corner, and then chipped the keeper. That was his coming of age. Well, so we thought.

    In a post Ronaldo era, we put all our eggs in the Nani basket, and so did Sir Alex. For a while it looked like we could all be smug together – all our defence of the boy to his detractors was finally justified. For a good two season, he looked like he could kick on into that elite bracket of world footballers. But then Jamie Carragher happened. That tackle, and subsequent injury, derailed the lad – and he never fully recovered that blistering form.

    The key word in that last sentence is football’s classic catchphrase: ‘Form’ (More …)

  • Rob B 12:02 on July 17, 2013 Permalink | Reply

    The Pain With Wayne – How Chelsea Might Be Rooney’s Calling 


    When you first met him he was dashing. A council estate maverick with a gleam in his eye.

    Well maybe not, but he was really good at football at least.

    After a short romance, you got together, It was a fantastic relationship. He was passionate and driven, and had the qualities you wanted in a man. The next few years were lovely. You created memories that will never be forgotten, and it just felt like it was for…ever.

    But one night he didn’t come home. Where could he be? You had noticed there was a change in him towards you, but it is understandable that the spark sometimes does burn less bright over time. But you thought nothing of it…

    That is until he told you he fancied leaving you.

    Then of course he changed his mind, because you begged him, but it did feel like it was all just on ‘borrowed time’…he told you he wanted to spice things up, to experiment more – so you invited that Dutch guy who works at the pub round for a ‘Ménage à trois

    It seemed to go well – you all enjoyed yourself, but then it just turned out he was jealous, because the Dutchman out performed him. You were back to square one, and suddenly he’s looking at expensive houses in Surrey…

    You always know it is over, even before it ends… (More …)

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