The Faithful was founded by Rob Blanchette, Sarah Parker and Katie Sweeney…and includes writers Jason Dunham, Jan Metcalf, Amy Kang, Mike Woods, Peter Dyke, Sil Skarsbo, Darren Goodson, Tom Pattison, Charles Klein, Melanie Hill, Dan & Kim Burdett, and Caddies & Young.

Rob B is the Editor of The Faithful, and has been a United fan and fully paid up member of The Faithful for over 25 years. He was saved by his United loving Mancunian mother from the possibility of supporting City at the age of nine, when she forced him to sit and watch the 1985 FA Cup final and witness Norman Whiteside’s extra time winner. Obsession with the Reds followed. He attends every home game at Old Trafford as a season ticket holder, and trekked across Europe to watch United lift the European Cup in Moscow..standing behind the goal where those penalties were taken!

Rob also writes a monthly column for Manchester United’s oldest and greatest fanzine ‘Red News’ (available to buy on every match day at Old Trafford, and online for Kindle and iPad) 

Like the thousands that already do, follow Rob’s oracle like ramblings of rubbish on Twitter at @_Rob_B and @ViewFromTier3 …and read his highly regarded Bleacher Report column …and for the record he thinks The Smiths are the greatest band of all time. Yes.

Sarah is co-editor of TF, and lives and breathes Manchester United ever since she saw Andrei Kanchelskis playing back in the early 90′s and fell in love… with both the club and Kanchelskis! A keen sports lover especially of football and cricket, she started playing football in her 20′s and was called “the female equivalent of Paul Scholes”.. except that she could tackle! Injuries have kept her out of playing the game so she now organises coaching schemes across the UK. Lives with her bloke “down sarff” and unfortunately he’s a Tottenham season ticket holder. She is most likely to be found shopping for beautiful things, trying to improve her golf swing or on twitter. Sarah has her own personal blog at BlissbubbleyClick here to follow Sarah on Twitter

Katie is an American girl who has been a United supporter since the age of 11, after seeing footage of Mark Hughes’ heroics in the initial play of the FA Cup in 1990, while she was living in Germany. A forthcoming debut of Ryan Giggs a year later saw a renewed allegiance to United for life (and subsequently borne a bit of an obsession with the Welsh Wizard). As a player of the game since she was four and through club level at University, football has been an ongoing passion and at the core, a love for Manchester United. She adores the city of Manchester and the delicious and rather potent cider at the Old Wellington. She currently lives and works in Washington DC with her rottweiler, Ryan Giggs, and cat, Sir Matthew Busby. Katie also blogs on her own site Katie Hearts DC…Tweet Katie at @KatieSweeney_1 on Twitter..go on…dare ya!!

Mike Woods is a lifelong United fan and son of another lifelong United fan. There was no escaping it. Even the migration to London hasn’t dampened his enthusiasm. Having spent his entire school life championship trophy-less and surrounded by scouse fans, Mike was 18 years old when United finally clinched the title. The next 18 years has been a glorious march through silverware. Mike’s finest United moment will always be the 1983 FA Cup final replay against Brighton, when Robson and Whiteside put United 3-0 up at halftime. He still has the shirt he wore that day. He was 9 years old. His United heroes are Jesper Olsen, Eric Cantona and Paul Scholes. Twitter Mike at @Cartelmike

Jason Dunham is an American who has been playing football since he was 5 years old. He’s been following Manchester United for 10 years. He watches every match on the telly, and took his first trip across the Atlantic to watch the Reds at Old Trafford in 2011.  His all-time favorite player is the ageless Ryan Giggs and his favorite United moment was the Double in 2008, most notably the nerve-racking Champions League Final against Chelsea. He loves writing and taking pictures. You can follow his explicit musings on Twitter at @JasDunham or look at his pictures on his photography site at Jason Dunham Photography

Peter Dyke has been a United fan since the early 80′s and was born and raised in Swinton, just 5 miles from Old Trafford. Aged 3, his Gran embroidered a number 8 on his new United shirt for their new star signing, Gary Birtles. This was quickly changed (for obviously reasons) as Bryan Robson soon became his (and millions of other United fans) new hero. Things he loves about football include the passion of supporters when its not taken too far, the mixed range of emotions you can go through during one 90 minute game, and the sight of the Old Trafford pitch when you first walk through the entrance to the stand. Things he dislikes about football include the Scousers, the Bitters and the stereotype that most Mancunians are City fans. Peters other passions include raising a little United fan, watching MMA and playing poker. Peters interesting fact about himself: He has an IQ in the top 1.7% of the country and has recently joined Mensa. You can follow Peter on Twitter at @ChiefWaffler or at his website Daily Waffle

Jan Metcalf is 19 years old and has been a United fan all his life. He is a season ticket holder who also attends many aways games as well. He lives in Fallowfield, Manchester and writes the match reports for The Faithful, so be sure to check out the site after every match. Follow Jan on Twitter at @JanMetcalf and his blog Red til dead

Sil Skarsbo  is originally from Norway and has been supporting United since she was five years old, showing a rebellious streak from an early age as her entire family are Liverpool fans (except for one uncle who supports Leeds and has been disowned). She used to play football as a child and a teenager, but due to several injuries and several red cards (she would make Roy Keane look like a cute kitten) she has been told by doctors as well as team mates never to play a contact sport ever again. A season ticket holder in the Stretford End she uses the kind of language that makes the men around her blush whilst doing her best to put an end to the continual singing of “We’ll do what we want”. Travelling alone to Old Trafford from her home in Essex there are several ongoing sweepstakes on when her big mouth is going to get her into trouble with fans of opposition teams. Besides from United, she is currently studying psychology and her aim is to become a forensic psychologist and basically spend her 9-5 having chats with serial killers, make of that what you may like. You can follow her on Twitter at @_Miss_United_ 

Tom Pattison has been routinely elated and devastated by his beloved Red Devils ever since he was tall enough for his Salfordian Dad to stick him in an ill-fitting itchy replica shirt. He grew up in a Cumbrian town fiercely divided along Scouse/Manc lines and as a result boasts an irrational loathing of Liverpool Football Club. Many things have changed since posters of Choccy McClair and Lee Sharpe spelled out MUFC on his bedroom walls but the pride in Manchester United has never faded – even now as he dwells far from the motherland in a Hertfordshire village. He spends his weekdays spreading pro-Red propaganda around the school where he teaches and his Sunday morning’s pretending he is Nemanja Vidic (although William Prunier is a more accurate comparison). Tom also has a blog to indulge his second love and you can find his random musical musings at listenwithdanger.blogspot.com. Tom is also on twitter: @Tommy_CTS

Charles Klein is a passionate Red perhaps best known on Twitter for HIS ABUSE OF CAPS LOCK in an effort to excite The Faithful before games. He became an MUFC supporter in 2003 when the club played in his hometown of Seattle, USA. Since then his passion for the club has grown hugely, much to the consternation of his parents and friends. His favourite player of all time is Giggsy. Charles is also in the market for a 1999 Jesper Blomqvist shirt…if you should have one then he would like you to tweet him at @TheBusbyBoys

Melanie Hill was born into a United family. Her Grandad played for them during World War II when he was left behind as a firefighter, and her Dad is as die-hard as they come. Manchester born and bred, she stepped into Old Trafford for the first time when she was 6 years old. She now feels that same childhood excitement once a week to watch the lads, in a not so traditional way – as part of a mother/daughter match going duo! Melanie’s fondest memory as a Red is the glory of 1999. Manchester was a special place in the May of that year, and she couldn’t escape the glory. Her favourite moment was the buzz of the treble winners parade with her old man. Follow Mel on Twitter

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