Is Chicharito the next Solskjaer?

I have previously written about one of my favourite United Legends; Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, on this site already here and it seems weird to be writing this post just a few months later. But I am.

Everything I’ve seen about Javier Hernández makes me excited for his future and of course for Manchester United. Last season we fell short with our goals, a tally of 86 league goals was impressive; but Chelsea had gone on routs of seven or more goals on a few occasions and finished the season with 103 league goals. The smash and grab capture of Chicharito in April was a splendid bit of early transfer business for the new season. When we signed him the Manchester United website had 50,000 new user registrations from Mexico alone in 24 hours.

Chicharito showed us what he was capable of in the World Cup, a player who had recently signed for one of the biggest clubs in the world wasn’t showing any fear or pressure that this would entail. He’s also got a great eye for goal. Also since Ronaldo’s departure I felt we have been lacking a bit of speed to our game.

Chicharito is fast.

He clocked 32.15kph during the World Cup and has shown although he’s not very tall that it doesn’t hinder him at all. In fact I was quite shocked to find out he’s only 5ft 9.

What I’ve seen of Chicharito reminds me of Solskjaer. There is that feeling that “he’s going to score in a minute” that I’ve missed and I think the team has missed also. I knew I had always missed Solskjaer but I think seeing Chicharito has definitely made me realize just how much. There is that penchant for direct, simple football and the clinical goal.

Chicharito even graced the Kickette website yesterday, he’s everywhere.

There’s still a lot of transfer gossip about Ozil but frankly that talk is making my head spin. I’m pleased to hear Tom Cleverley is staying at Old Trafford and will not be going out on loan, I saw a lot of him at Watford last season and he could be that missing goal threat that we need from midfield.

I think this is the MOST excited I’ve been before a new season in a long time. We want our trophy back!

For one, I’m excited. I’m sure you all are too.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing this season?

Written by Sarah.

@blissbubbley on twitter


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