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    • The man in the bubble jacket, controls the Reds' destiny

      The Week At United: Raiola, Raiola And Erm, Raiola

      With many of the continent’s best footballers currently in France at the Euros and with Jose Mourinho quietly beavering away at whatever a manager needs to beaver away at at this time of year it’s all been rather quiet at United. In the last week the most notable thing that’s happened is Bordeaux winger and […] Continue reading
    • Zlatan-Ibrahimovic-PSG-2014_3076237

      The Week At United: May The Honeymoon Last Forever

      These are halcyon days at Manchester United and we continue to bathe in the glorious afterglow of the appointment, as manager, of Jose Mourinho, three interminable years too late. But still, he’s here now. Yay. With more than a month until United play any actual games and with the European Championships diverting attention we’re feeding […] Continue reading

      Could Rashford Shine For Roy This Summer?

      One thing you could never accuse Roy Hodgson of is being exciting, in fact it’s safe to say the England boss is probably the least charismatic manager the national side’s had since Steve McClaren. Credit where it’s due though as despite being something of a wet blanket the England manager isn’t afraid to give youth […] Continue reading
    • jose-mourinho-ed-woodward-manchester-united_3476128

      The Week At United: The Calm After The Storm

      What a difference a couple of weeks make. There we were, incensed at Louis Van Gaal’s continuing ‘leadership’ of the club and fearful at what the summer would bring, both in terms of arrivals and departures, and suddenly we’ve been enveloped by a blanket of calm. Jose’s got it. Almost overnight the concern that David […] Continue reading
    • veron

      The Week at United: From Emlyn Hughes to Seba to Jose

      When I was a kid I had a computer game called Emlyn Hughes’ International Soccer for my Commodore 64. I thought it was great and would lose hours playing convoluted league campaigns, even when I got so good that I rarely conceded a goal, let alone lost a match. The game had eight editable teams […] Continue reading