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    • The Week at United: A Low-key But Promising Start For Project Mourinho

      The honeymoon period at United rumbles on and so does Jose Mourinho’s personal quest to be everything that Louis Van Gaal wasn’t. Quite aside from the ‘trying to buy players the team actually needs’ oddity, we now have some evidence that the new manager doesn’t care much for his predecessors match-day decisions either. The fans […] Continue reading
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      The Week at United: Project Fear II

      Project Fear was the name given by the ‘Leave’ campaign and its supporters in the recent United Kingdom Referendum on membership of the European Union to ‘Remainers’ who predicted economic strife and a return to recession should the nation vote to exit. The belief was that these were simply scare tactics, designed to put the […] Continue reading
    • "if you all hate Farage clap your hands.."

      The Week At United: Raiola Earns As Britain Burns

      I’ve been a little distracted this week, what with the most significant event in my country’s post-war history taking place and its government descending into absolute chaos. Manchester United are unlikely to be chuffed by developments, not least because Brexit dumped the value of the pound, thus making those fiddly transfer things more expensive overnight. […] Continue reading
    • The man in the bubble jacket, controls the Reds' destiny

      The Week At United: Raiola, Raiola And Erm, Raiola

      With many of the continent’s best footballers currently in France at the Euros and with Jose Mourinho quietly beavering away at whatever a manager needs to beaver away at at this time of year it’s all been rather quiet at United. In the last week the most notable thing that’s happened is Bordeaux winger and […] Continue reading
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      The Week At United: May The Honeymoon Last Forever

      These are halcyon days at Manchester United and we continue to bathe in the glorious afterglow of the appointment, as manager, of Jose Mourinho, three interminable years too late. But still, he’s here now. Yay. With more than a month until United play any actual games and with the European Championships diverting attention we’re feeding […] Continue reading